The Kid LAROI Looks Into The Future In New ‘I Guess It’s Love?’ Video

A new video for “I Guess It’s Love?” released by The Kid LAROI last week shows the singer looking into the future.

The visual, directed by Helmi, opens with LAROI spending time with his influencer girlfriend Katarina Deme. The two are seen eating nachos, playing tennis, spending time at the pool, cuddling in the sauna, and enjoying some time in bed.

“Don’t need nobody else but you, you, you, you and I/She asked me where I’m tryna eat, I told her, ‘You decide,'” LAROI sings in the track’s first verse. “Honestly, baby, that’s the last thing that’s on my mind.”

The video then transforms to show Laroi with exaggerated surgery and a hideous goatee, even as Deme remains youthful as before. The two are seen arguing before making out on a bed.

The visual then shows the duo getting older and overweight. LAROI is seen confronting the paparazzi, showing his middle finger. The concluding part of the video shows LAROI and Deme both saying, “I do” and getting married.

There is also a teaser that LAROI will release a new single, titled “What Just Happened,” and the release date of his new album, The First Time.

(Photo: Jason Nocito)

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