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The Office of the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery has released their numbers for August. Union County had lottery ticket sales of $1.18 million for the month with winnings of $1 million, 55 thousand awarded. Columbia County saw ticket sales totaling $459,655 and winnings of $286,000. Statewide, over $32.2 million was awarded.


The number of local residents fully vaccinated for COVID-19 continues to rise. According to the Arkansas Department of Health website, Columbia County lists 39.9 percent of residents receiving the vaccination. Union County has reported 35.6 percent fully vaccinated.


Governor Asa Hutchinson says up to 98 Afghan refugee cases will be coming to Arkansas. The Biden administration has begun notifying governors and state refugee coordinators across the country about how many Afghan evacuees from among the first group of nearly 37,000 arrivals are slated to be resettled in their states. The administration has requested funding from Congress to help resettle 65,000 Afghans in the United States by the end of this month and 95,000 by September 2022.