Swizz Beatz, Jadakiss Drop ‘Hustle, Repeat’ From ‘Godfather Of Harlem’ Soundtrack

Swizz Beatz and Jadakiss recently released a new song, titled “Hustle, Repeat,” from the season three soundtrack of MGM+‘s “Godfather of Harlem.”

“Fentanyl is what the fiends want / You gotta die to get your streams up streets will fuck your dreams up / I was ready for war, I got my cream up / They couldn’t do nothing with me, they had to team up / Treat the shotty like Scotty, I had to beam up / I’ve done a lot, and I’ve seen much/ Another year, that’s a million clutch,” Jadakiss raps on the track.

Season three of “Godfather of Harlem” premiered on Sunday, January 15. It continues the story of Harlem drug kingpin Bumpy Johnson’s reign in the ’60s. The show stars Forest Whitaker, NigĂ©l Thatch, Ilfenesh Hadera, Vincent D’Onofrio and more.

This marks Swizz’s third season as executive producer of the soundtrack of the series.

(Photo: UTA)

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