Salt-N-Pepa Look Back On ‘Shoop’ Video

The latest of installment of Vevo Footnotes, marking the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Hip-Hop, sees Salt-N-Pepa sharing some behind-the-scenes experiences at the making of the “Shoop” video.

During the episode, Pepa delves into the story behind the song and her verse, and recounted the challenges face by the group in convincing their label to release “Shoop” as the lead single from their album, Very Necessary.

Pepa also shares the excitement the group felt when the song became a huge hit and cemented their position in hip-hop.

Salt speaks about how the song helped her move away from her boyfriend and manager and how it empowered women. She also discussed her favorite moment from the music video shoot and reveals that she recorded her verse while holding her daughter Corin.

“The concept for ‘Shoop’ started with me chillin’ in Queens, riding around in the car and I’m telling the story of how ‘I saw a brother, I had to kick it to, I’m not shy so I asked for the digits and that does not make me a hoe.’ This story became the song and the inspiration for the first verse,” she said.

“When shooting ‘Shoop’ I was a bit self conscious. It was hard being in a bathing suit and my booty kept falling out of my shorts when we were dancing on stage. The objective was to turn the tables on men – make them the objects. When writing my verses, I was thinking of tongue in cheek ways to objectify men. When you really like a song, it’s easy to record,” added Salt.

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