Nelly Planning ‘Heartland’ Follow-Up Featuring Female Country Artists

Nelly recently said in an interview with Country One that he is working on a follow-up to his Heartland EP.

The new project, which Nelly expects to release next year, will feature female country artists.

While releasing the Heartland EP, Nelly said, “This album here, we’re looking at the first part of a two-part series.”

Notably, the Heartland EP features an all-male lineup of artists, and Nelly said that is by design.

“If you look at this one, there is no female representation on this album. So, part one was me with the guys, and part two will be with the ladies of country music,” he said.

Nelly has not mentioned specific female artists he is working with for the upcoming project, but said, “The women of country, they are fierce. When I am with the guys, we are kegging, beering, trucking, smoking and hanging out.”

“I’m going to have to bring my A-game pretty much when it comes to dealing with the ladies because they are not going to play around with Nelly,” he added. “They are going to bring it, and I am definitely looking forward to it.”

The singer said the project will take some time to happen due to the pandemic protocols.

“I know we’re still trying to get around the [health] issue, and everybody’s still trying to make sure that we are all respecting one another and it’s safety first,” he said. “If it weren’t for that, I would be in Nashville right now trying to cram it out.”

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