Megan Thee Stallion Countersued By Record Label In Contract Dispute

Megan Thee Stallion‘s record label 1501 Certified Entertainment has filed a countersuit against the hip-hop superstar, claiming that her Something for Three Hotties didn’t qualify as an “album” under their record deal.

The countersuit blasts Megan’s suit in February that claimed the label was trying to unfairly keep her locked into her deal by refusing to count Hotties toward her release obligations as “groundless.”

The record label, which is asking a Houston court to rule in its favor, says Stallion’s record contained only 29 minutes of new material and that it did not get the label’s approval.

“MTS knows that each ‘album’ must include at least twelve new master recordings of her studio performances of previously-unreleased musical compositions,” wrote the label’s attorney, Steven M. Zager. “She also knows that 1501 gets to approve the musical compositions to be included on each album. And MTS knows that none of that happened here.”

1501 said it had “signed her when no other record labels were interested in doing so” and that she had provoked the litigation because she had linked up with Roc Nation – an agency “notorious in the music industry for trying to persuade its management clients to leave their record labels.”

Megan’s attorney Brad Hancock told Billboard, “This is yet another absurd attempt by 1501 to disregard Megan’s album and squeeze more money and more free work out of her for as long as possible. We will ask the court to protect Megan from this type of abuse.”

“Greedy ass men. First the man over my label said I don’t make him any money . now he counter suing trying to keep me on his label because he wants to make more money lol if I ain’t making you no money why not just drop me?” tweeted Megan.

(Photo: DHinez)

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