Mariah Carey’s Daughter Makes Modeling Debut In New OshKosh B’Gosh Campaign

Mariah Carey‘s 10-year-old daughter Monroe Cannon made her modeling debut in a back-to-school campaign launched by children’s clothing brand OshKosh B’gosh on Tuesday (July 20).

The “Today is Someday” campaign honors the personal childhood experiences of superstars Mariah Carey, Muhammad Ali and Outkast.

With “Today is Someday,” OshKosh B’gosh spotlights notable trailblazers as children in a series of powerful vignettes celebrating their confidence and determination.

Viewers will hear inspiring inner monologues from Ali, Carey and Outkast as children, dressed in OshKosh B’gosh, encouraging the next generation to dream boldly about who they’ll become someday.

Carey’s daughter Monroe appears as her mom at age 10, paying tribute to Carey’s childhood, her songwriting, and her profound impact and influence on generations of young dreamers – with nods to Carey’s memoir, “The Meaning of Mariah Carey,” and renowned singles throughout.

“As a little girl, I was determined to realize my dreams. Now as a mother, it brings me so much joy to see my children visualize and develop the dreams they hold in their own hearts,” Carey said. “We did the campaign because we love the message of empowering kids to dream boldly and blaze their own path.”

“Someday, it’s going to be different,” Monroe says, reciting a powerful monologue about dreaming big in the half-minute video.

(Photo: OshKosh B’gosh)

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