Lizzo Shares Look At Jury Duty Prep Before Prompt Release

Lizzo recently took to TikTok to reveal how she was preparing for her civic responsibility in court after being summoned for jury duty.

Confessing she was not looking forward to jury duty, Lizzo said, “I’m actually really stressed about it. I’ve just heard of people getting really gruesome cases. I have a really sensitive mind, I don’t like hearing or seeing that. I will cry.”

Lizzo described her look as “giving law-abiding citizen.” “Just fulfilling my civil duty,” she captioned the video.

A follow-up video posted by the singer shows her responding to a fan who wondered if she was chosen to serve on the jury.

Alongside a photo showing her outside the jury assembly room, Lizzo wrote, “I GOT RELEASED FROM JURY DUTY YALL I WONDER WHY THO [thinking emoji].”

A TikTok user commented that Lizzo probably got let off the hook as celebrities sometimes “get dismissed because they’ll be a ‘distraction’ to the trial.”

(Photo: AB+DM)

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