Lil Yachty Releases New ‘sAy SOMETHINg’ Video

Lil Yachty shared a video for “sAy sOMETHINg” last Friday (January 27), celebrating the release of his new album, Let’s Start Here.

The visual, directed by Crowns & Owls, takes viewers from a calm dinner date into a dream-like sequence of unpredictable events.

Lil Yachty jumps the gun on a date and says “I love you” to a girl he’s known for two weeks.

“Mm, mm, don’t ever in your life say that to me again,” she responds. “That shit just made me itch. What are you talking about, ‘love me?'”

“I was thinking we’d be together,” he tells her. “That’s why I brought you here. This is my favorite dinner, my favorite fries.”

Despite the fact that he has been hanging out with her for just 14 days, Yachty adds, “But this is different. We are different.”

“Say some’ (Say some’), lately, you’ve been like the bullets stuffed inside my gun/ The restaurant’s about to close, conversation carries on, analyzing your thoughts, tryna see what you’re on/ Half drunk, fully high, you grab my wand, leave the past in the rear, it’s time we overcome/ Our energies align inside of your pond, we can live the dream life, wild, oh/ Got me feeling like a teen again, yeah,” raps Yachty.

(Photo: Gunner Stahl)

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