Dr. Dre Slams Marjorie Taylor Greene For Using ‘Still D.R.E.’ In Video

Dr. Dre‘s lawyers have served a cease and desist against Georgia congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene after she used Dre’s “Still D.R.E.” in the background of a video she posted to Twitter to celebrate Kevin McCarthy‘s election as the Speaker of the House.

“It’s time to begin.. and they can’t stop what’s coming,” Greene captioned the video she posted on her social media accounts on Monday (January 9). The clip featured a photo of her on the House floor as McCarthy won the Republican speaker vote after 15 grueling rounds.

Greene, who had backed McCarthy in the speakership vote, then posted a selfie with the California congressman after he was declared winner.

“I don’t license my music to politicians, especially someone as divisive and hateful as this one,” Dre said in a statement, slamming Greene for her act.

In a statement sent to EW via his attorneys, the Grammy award winning producer says that he “has not, and will never” grant Greene permission to use his music to promote her “divisive and hateful political agenda.”

Dr. Dre’s cease-and-desist letter tells Greene, “One might expect that, as a member of Congress, you would have a passing familiarity with the laws of our country. It’s possible, though, that laws governing intellectual property are a little too arcane and insufficiently populist for you to really have spent much time on. We’re writing because we think an actual lawmaker should be making laws not breaking laws, especially those embodied in the constitution by the founding fathers.”

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