BTS’ J-Hope, J. Cole Team Up On New Single ‘On The Street’

BTSJ-Hope has teamed up with J. Cole for a new single, titled “On the Street.”

The song centers on a whistling melody recorded by J-Hope himself. He opens the track, saying, “Even my walk was made of your love and your faith,” conveying gratitude and hope to the fans. “Every time I walk/Every time I run/Every time I move/As always, for us,” he sings.

In the second verse, J. Cole sings, “All hail the mighty survivor of hell./ Fought tooth and a nail/ Just to prevail mongst it’s ruthless,” looking back on his journey, and then contemplates the future of his career, spitting, “As the moon jumps over the cow/ I contemplate if I should wait to hand over the crown/ And stick around for a bit longer/ I got a strange type of hunger.”

J-Hope then closes out the track by repeating the anthemic chorus and adding a shoutout to “Cole World.”


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